Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LAB 2- 3/1/2009

LAB 2 ON 3/1/2009
During my dad at Saint Mary’s I observed many different teaching strategies. Some were very affective, while others failed miserably. While instructing the students in “Barn Yard Chase” I attempted to use a command style approach. I used this approach because in my past experiences with large groups of kids this was the best way to gain everybody’s attention and maintain organization. I failed to take into account the age level and attention span of the Saint Mary’s children. While I was loud enough, I neglected to do something to hold their attention. What I should have done is captured their attention by identifying with them in some way. I could have come up with a better story line, or simply acted more excited to take part in the activity. Following the activity I had the opportunity to work with kids on far less complex skills. This led me the freedom to focus more on having fun and being creative. In turn, this led to the children being more attentive

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