Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lab 5- 4/4/2009

LAB 5 ON 4/4/2009
The first game I used at Saint Mary’s was not appropriate. This game was “Barnyard Chase”. The game was too complex for the children involved. However, since that day, the games I have utilized were much more appropriate for the children. I have incorporated much more simple games for the children and incorporated the day’s skills into them. Prior to these games I was thinking of the skills I wanted to observe and thinking of ways to make a game around them. This made the games relatively unorganized and therefore confusing for the children involved. In lab 5 my group played the game guard that castle and originally made the game too complex. Upon realizing this, I stopped the game and gave the students a new goal which did not involve tagging other players. Instead students only had one goal; to knock the other team’s pins down. This game ended up working great students were excited to play multiple rounds.

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