Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lab 3- 3/12/2009

Lab 3 ON 3/12/2009
Today I utilized many different strategies to connect with the children. One of the simpler strategies I implemented was physically lowering myself down to their level. When I was eye level with the students I noticed that they were more apt to be interested in what I was saying. Also, I found that the more enthusiastic I was about the activity the more excited the students were to participate. I realized today that the most important thing I can do to connect with the children is to “put on my teacher mask” and come out of my comfort zone and be silly with the kids. When the kids see an adult that is not afraid to act silly they are more apt to want to participate, and therefore will pay closer attention when it is time to listen for directions. I used many of these strategies when someone suggested a game for the pre-k students. The students were asked to roll a plastic egg across the floor with their nose and into a circle. Many of the students were hesitant, however, after seeing me do it and act like I loved it everybody tried it.

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